During the weekend of January 14th, the team at Pump Supplies installed a considerable number of electric submersible pumps in several locations, totalling more than 770kw together with over 1 kilometre of 12” pipework and control equipment all being powered off 3 megawatts of generated power!

The team at Pump Supplies worked tirelessly through the weekend in conjunction with The Environment Agency and Sunbelt Rentals providing this extensive pumping equipment and installation support to mitigate the impacts of the serious flooding experienced in the Somerset Area.

This was some of the worst flooding experienced in the Somerset levels since 2014. Having worked closely with the EA at that time and subsequently worked on contingency plans with the EA in the event of a repetition of another event, Pump Supplies were on standby to mobilise equipment and personnel at short notice to minimise disruption to the local community.