Pump Stations

As we build more and more in areas away from our main sewer networks, the need to pump water and wastewater back into the sewer networks is becoming increasing important.

We have the knowledge and experience of dealing with all aspects in delivering the right pump station solution through assisting along the design and approval process to supplying a variety of pump station types whilst carrying out all the mechanical and electrical installation & providing full aftermarket service packages.

  • Pumping stations installed to the latest Sewers for Adoption (SFA) standards
  • Pumping station installations for private ownership
  • Packaged pumping stations
  • Pumping station upgrades and refurbishment
  • On-site maintenance services
  • Workshop repair facilities
  • Large stock holding of Flygt pumps and spare parts
  • Instrumentation, control flow and telemetry

As part of the water industry’s Asset Management Plan (AMP) cycle, terminal, outlying and main treatment works pumping stations are often upgraded and refurbished, to which Pump Supplies provides, installs and maintains a variety of over-pumping installations for bypassing flows during shutdown periods.

Next Day Delivery

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Next Day Delivery

Nationwide Service & Maintenance Depots

24/7 365 Support

Sewers for Adoption (SFA)

The basic principles of Sewers for Adoption (SFA) is to ensure that all new pumping stations built within our sewer network are to a required standard and quality. Adoption is usually achieved through working with the local water authority to ensure the build and quality is compliant with their individual standards.

At Pump Supplies we can offer a complete service to ensure the pumping station being built or upgraded not only meets the latest SFA specifications but also meets the local water authority requirement.

We work closely with many large housebuilders and local developers to supply the most cost effective pump station solution, whilst providing full electrical and mechanical installation support and aftermarket servicing.

Pump Station Design

A critical success factor when installing a new pump station is in the early design stages. Well designed, a pump station would provide a reliable and cost effective solution taking into account critical factors such as sump design for minimum solids retention whilst allowing for the best possible inlet and flow conditions.

Each pumping station is different, selecting the right station size along with the best pumps for application is crucial and we can assist through each stage of the design process.

We’ve been specialists in submersible pumps since 1982, so our highly skilled teams of engineers can help and advise on the best possible design and end solution for your pumping station.

Equipment Supply

Traditional concrete ring or pre-cast concrete stations are often used for new developments which require a pumping solution to return wastewater back to the main sewer network. Our skill and experience surrounds specifying, supplying, installing and commissioning the pumping equipment required, including:


  • Pumps from a range of manufacturers
  • Guide rails and discharge connections
  • Pipework
  • Valves
  • Level regulators
  • Monitoring & Control equipment
  • External kiosk
  • Access Cover

Packaged Pump Stations

Package Pumping Stations are an alternative to the traditional concrete ring construction and come complete factory fitted out in a pre-fabricated shell which contains all the necessary pumping equipment and pipework to connect to the inlet and outlet. Our package pump station range includes:

TOPs PUMPING STATION– specifically designed to minimise solids build-up in the pump sump by incorporating patented benching technology, the TOPs stations comply with the latest SFA (Sewers for Adoption) standards and are suitable for sewage, effluent and storm water applications.

SPS PUMPING STATION– A GRP twin pump station available in a number of different sizes and configurations and suitable for sewage, effluent and storm water applications.

COMPIT– A dual pumping station made of PE with self-cleaning sump, ideal for applications such as small housing developments, toilet blocks or commercial extensions.

Installation & Commissioning

We offer a complete installation & commisioning service including full mechanical and electrical commisioning to the latest indsutry standards, all to our recent Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) accreditation.

Our installation and commisioning service will not only ensure your pump station is fully functional and installed to the latest industry standards, but we’ll tailor each installation to the application to ensure the pump station is optimised to operate at its most efficient point.

Refurbishments and Upgrades

Whether your pump station is in need of upgrade due to wear and tear, or falls under the government PDAS (Private drains and sewers) legislation, requiring the transfer of private pumping stations to water company ownership- we can help!

We have built up a comprehensive portfolio working within all aspects of pumping stations and our business can help offer you the best solution to upgrade your pump station.

And don’t forget if your pump station suffers breakdown, by using Pump Supplies you have access to the UK’s largest hire fleet of electric submersible pumps- available 24/7 365 days a year.

Service Contracts

We offer bespoke service contracts for all types of submersible pumps, tailoring your contract to suit individual operational requirements, maximising pump life-time and efficiency. Our teams of service engineers provide a full service inspection and testing including


  • Initial visual inspections
  • Working tests
  • System adjustment for maximum efficiency
  • Electrical and mechanical safety checks
  • Provide full service overhaul whilst providing temporary hire pump.

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