Flood Protection & Alleviation

Flooding in the UK is becoming more and more commonplace unfortunately; the effects it leaves behind are devastating to the communities in which it has hit. We stock a range of pumps used for applications such as pumping waste-water, boosting flow rate of existing pumps, and quickly and effectively clearing floodwater from homes, streets and business premises.

Working with the Environment Agency and its contractors, Pump Supplies have supplied many of the pumps and pumping equipment used to clear up the recent flood water in both the 2014 South West England floods on the Somerset levels and in the 2015/16 floods in Cumbria. At immediate notice we were able to provide all the pumps, pipework and equipment required backed up with teams of installation engineers enabling efficient and effective water removal.

A flood pump is an incredibly important part of any flood defence. Regardless of what flood defence is used, water is always likely to seep into the protected area, whether it is through groundwater flow, or simply rainwater falling into the dry area. Flood pumps can drastically reduce the damage that flooding causes. We always recommend water pumps in flood protection.

Flooding Pump Supplies

At Pump Supplies, we specialise in providing comprehensive flood protection and alleviation solutions. Understanding the critical nature of flood risks in the UK, our mission is to equip your premises with the most reliable and effective flood defence mechanisms. With our advanced pumping solutions, you can stay one step ahead of the unpredictable and potentially devastating impacts of flooding.

Why Choose Us?

Proactive Flood Defence: Our approach to flood protection is proactive. We assess potential risks and implement strategies to mitigate them before they become emergencies. Our solutions are designed not just to react to floods but to prevent them.

Custom-Engineered Solutions: Every location has its unique challenges when it comes to flood protection. Our team of experts custom-designs pumping solutions that cater specifically to the topography and environmental conditions of your site.

State-of-the-Art Technology: Leveraging cutting-edge technology, our flood protection systems are robust, efficient, and reliable. We ensure that your property is equipped with the best defence against flooding.

Responsive and Reliable Support: We understand that the need for flood protection can be urgent. Our team is committed to providing swift and reliable support, ensuring rapid deployment and efficient operation of flood defence systems.


Working with Lakeside Flood Solutions, we can provide a wide range of flood protection solutions including bespoke flood barrier protection. Please contact our Port Talbot office for more information.

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