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When discussing water bodies in need of pumping solutions, the protection of eels and other small fish life has increasingly become a priority for effective fisheries management.

Working with a leading Filter technology company, Pump Supplies have developed a high flow submersible filter pump incorporating the best in available filter technology and the best in electric submersible pump technology. This unique and innovative design promotes the safety of eels and fish life within raw water environments.

These award-winning self-cleaning suction Flygt pumps comply with eel regulations within the industry, maintaining the standards expected of protecting wildlife at all costs whilst completing these pumping tasks with the best efficiency. These eel friendly pumps are most commonly used within river intake systems, but can also be used within other industries such as flooding and quarrying, especially those dealing with raw water.

Eel Friendly Pumps on shore
Eel Friendly Pumps in action
Eel Friendly Pump

Eel Friendly Filter Pump – Flygt 20kW 10000-600AR

Eel populations have plummeted in recent decades, with the 2015 Eel Regulations requiring companies in the UK and the EU who abstract and use raw water to ensure that their activity enables at least 40% eel “escapement”. Anyone pumping more than 20 m3 of water per day from rivers, lakes and reservoirs must ensure that measures are in place to protect eels and elvers, meaning there is a constant need for this technology within the industry. Through our submersible pumps with integral self-cleaning intake screens, you can now pump up to 150m3 / hour of dirty water without worrying about your suction intake, pump or other equipment blocking.

The 2 mm mesh and low intake velocity protects elvers and eels, and the self-cleaning mechanism ensures that the mesh stays clear, ensuring an efficient job every time, reducing the risk of blockages and potential damage. Designed for low intake velocities and with a high open mesh area, our eel screens deliver high flow rates while taking up less space than fixed installations such as band screens or wedge wire screens.

Self-cleaning Eel Screen Intake Strainers can be fitted with 1 – 6 mm mesh. Our patented and unique self-cleaning mechanism keeps the mesh free from debris whenever water is being drawn through the screen, ensuring the safety of eels within the water. Elvers and glass eels are pushed away from the mesh before they can become trapped.

These 316 Stainless Steel  RF800LW and RF600LW Eel screens require little or no civil engineering or groundwork to install, and when submerged for use have minimal visual impact on the natural environment. Providing a cost-effective and low maintenance answer to raw water pumping, you can now comply with EU Eel Protection regulations and Section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act. They can be used in both salt and fresh water.

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Companies can meet this and other requirements by implementing measures that reduce the harm to eels and elvers from pumping equipment and intake and outfall screens. We have these eel friendly pumps available for hire or sale. Contact us for more information about how our products can help you abstract or move raw water without blocking strainers, pumps and other equipment while complying with current legal regulations.
Eel Friendly Pumps
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