dockyards & shipbuilding

Dockyards & Shipbuilding

Docks and shipyards rely heavily on pumps and pumping equipment to maintain day-to-day activities, whether a simple drainage pump to help remove nuisance water or high capacity submersible pumps for effective water transfer.

Working in the industry for many years our equipment has been deployed on numerous sites across the UK to help solve many challenges experienced. Whether it’s a planned maintenance requiring extra pumping capacity or emergency breakdown, Pump Supplies have are to provide a pumping solution to maintain regular business activity.


What Is A Dewatering Pump

At Pump Supplies, we recognise the critical importance of reliable pumping solutions in the fast-paced, challenging environment of dockyards. With a deep understanding of the maritime sector’s unique demands, we deliver top-tier pumping equipment and services that ensure uninterrupted, efficient dockyard operations.

Why Choose Us?

Tailored for Maritime Needs: Our expertise in the maritime industry allows us to provide pumping solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of dockyards, ensuring optimal performance in these demanding environments.

Robust and Reliable Equipment: Understanding the harsh conditions of dockyard operations, we offer robust and reliable pumping equipment designed to withstand the rigors of maritime activities and ensure lasting performance.

Efficiency and Productivity: Our state-of-the-art pumping systems are engineered to enhance operational efficiency and productivity, minimising downtime and maximising throughput in dockyard operations.

Responsive Technical Support: We pride ourselves on offering responsive and expert technical support, ensuring that any issues are swiftly addressed to maintain continuous operations.

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Next Day Delivery

Nationwide Service & Maintenance Depots

24/7 365 Support

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