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Working in the UK wastewater market for many years, our business is geared up to support the entire supply chain within each aspect of submersible pumps; whether that be hiring out pumps, pipework & accessories, to service & repairing or supplying new equipment, we have the knowledge & experience to offer the right pump equipment for the application.

Supported by the largest fleet of electric submersible pumps and associated equipment our fleet profile mirror what the UK water authorities prefer- the Flygt submersible pump. We cover nearly every Flygt pump model with variations of each pump end and motor size right the way up to our recently acquired 275kW units, including a vast portfolio of ATEX approved pumps.

Whether it’s an emergency out-of-hours breakdown or planned maintenance requiring temporary pumping equipment we are ready to deliver a solution.

Sewage Pumping Stations

Wastewater Pumping Stations

In wastewater transport, pumping stations are designed to collect and transport wastewater to a point of higher elevation. Pumping stations are also known as lift stations. A pumping station is typically designed to handle wastewater that is fed from underground gravity pipelines and stored in an underground pit or wet well.

The wet well is equipped with electrical instrumentation to detect the level of wastewater present. When the wastewater level rises to a predetermined level, the pumping station commences operation. In the event of high-water flows into the well (for example during peak flow periods and wet weather) additional pumps will start in parallel.

In terms of their size, pumping stations are normally categorised as pressurised pumping stations (small), network pumping stations (medium) or main pumping stations (large). If you are in need of any assistance when it comes to wastewater pumping stations, then make sure to contact us.

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Next Day Delivery

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