Pipework & Accessories

By supporting our customer requirement in the hire market for over 30 years we understand the needs of pump hire; our fleet contains a wide range of ancillary equipment including huge quantities of pipework available in a variety of materials and diameters.

We also hire settlement tanks, road ramps, pump floatation modules, valves, pipework accessories including bends and reducers.


  • PVC Kanaflex 50mm – 150mm
  • Wire Armoured Rubber Hose 50mm – 600mm
  • Black Polytube 76mm – 200mm
  • Galvanised Steel 80mm – 400mm
  • Mild Steel Tube 100mm – 600mm
  • Layflat 50mm – 150mm
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Next Day Delivery

Nationwide Service & Maintenance Depots

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Pump Floatation Modules (pontoons)

Pump and pipe floatation devices are ideal for applications which require dewatering from a surface level without disturbing any debris on the sump floor, ideal for applications such as quarries, dredging or mining. The floatation modules enable only the cleaner surface water pumped, prolonging the life of your pumping assets.

We have a large selection available for a number of different sizes pump models from both a hire or sale basis.

Road Ramps

Heavy duty road ramps offer a simple solution for pumping across roads and pathways, allowing road traffic to cross freely and safely while reducing cost and routing problems.

Load limit 17 tonne per axle maximum.

Ramp Width (mm) 3000

Ramp Height (mm) 120

Weight (kg) 600

Settlement Tanks

Our fleet contains a varied range of settlement tanks for use on the pump discharge, specially designed to prevent silt and fines being discharged into the water course or drains. Each tank has a series of weir plates to slow the flow of water allowing settlement, and are fitted with Bauer couplings to suit any application, lifting eyes and drain plugs for cleaning.

Our standard settlement tank dimension and weights (2 baffles and 3 chambers):

  • Weight- 870kg
  • Width- 1.5m
  • Length- 3.35m
  • Height- 1.9m

Other sizes are available.


Valves are used for a wide variety of reasons and applications. At Pump Supplies we have a number of valve types in our fleet including:

GATE VALVES in sizes 2″ – 24″. These valves are typically used as isolating valves, and are designed to be operated in the open or closed position.

NON-RETURN VALVES in sizes 2″ – 24″. Non-return or check valves are used to control the flow of liquid in one direction. These are available in a number of configurations depending on size.

Mild Steel Tube

Our high pressure flanged PN16 Mild Steel tube available in sizes 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm and 600mm, along with a variety of bends, reducers etc.

Suitable for many applications containing wastewater, sewage or dirtywater.

Galvanised Pipework

Galvanised steel pipework is suitable for those more demanding applications with quick release couplings, available in sizes 50mm, 76mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm & 400mm and complete Quick Release couplings.

Because of it durability this pipework is suitable for a wide variety of applications containing water, wastewater, sludge or sewage.


General purpose rigid polytube HDPE dhose available in sizes 76mm – 200mm. Suitable for a variety of applications, our fleet polytube is complete with quick release couplings.

Wire Armoured Hose

Wire Armoured rubber flexible hose available with either Quick Release Coupling (Bauer) or PN16 flanged connection, suitable for many different applications containing sewage, water, sludge and wastewater.


Quick release coupling; 50mm – 400mm

PN16 Flanged; 100mm – 600mm

Available in both 3m and 6m lengths, and suitable for discharge pressures upto 10 bar.

Kanaflex Hose

Kanaflex hose is available in a variety of different lengths upto 30m in a continuos coil and stocked in diameters 50mm, 76mm, 100mm, and 150mm.

This product is suitable for working pressures up to 6 bar and many applications including water, wastewater, sewage and cleanwater.

Layflat Hose

Layflat is used on water supply and general small dewatering applications. Not suited to high pressure duties we recommend this product used to a maximum discharge pressure no greater than 3 bar.

This type hose is available in sizes 50mm – 150mm from our fleet, and also available to purchase.

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