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Our experienced engineers work with end clients to provide bespoke pumping solutions for numerous challenged faced for off-shore applications, utilising either our vast pump hire fleet or our expertise in supplying the right pump for application for a wide array of pump types.

Our pump fleet contains many of the Bibo range of pumps which are ideal for harsh environments like drilling rigs due to their Hard Iron wear parts which provide maximum efficiency and long lasting wear resistance.


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At Pump Supplies, we recognise the unique challenges and critical demands of the oil exploration and drilling industry. Our bespoke pumping solutions are designed to meet the rigorous and varied needs of drilling rigs, ensuring efficiency, safety, and reliability in one of the world’s most demanding industries.

Why Choose Us?

Tailored for Extreme Conditions: Our pumping systems are engineered to withstand the extreme conditions typical of oil exploration and drilling operations, ensuring performance in even the harshest environments.

High-Performance and Durable: We provide high-performance pumping solutions that are durable and reliable, essential for the continuous, round-the-clock operations common in drilling and exploration.

Innovative Technology: Incorporating the latest in pumping technology, our solutions are designed to optimise efficiency and reduce downtime, crucial for maintaining productivity in oil exploration.

Responsive Support and Service: Understanding the urgency of your needs, we offer responsive support and service to ensure that our pumping systems are always functioning at their best.

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Next Day Delivery

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