Our Sludge & Slurry pump offering is selected to handle a wide variety of applications. Often used when the solids to liquid percentage becomes a little too heavy for a standard drainage pump, with some models available with an agitator unit to aid solids into suspension prior to being pumped away.

As the UK’s largest distributor and stockist of Flygt pumps, heavily used by the UK water authorities, we offer very competitive prices and large stocks of the most popular pump models.


  • Construction & Tunnelling
  • Dredging
  • Municipal
  • Industrial
  • Mining & Quarrying
  • Power Stations

Pump Supplies brings to the table a carefully selected range of sludge and slurry pumps, designed to handle the most challenging applications where standard drainage pumps fall short. Our pumps are engineered to manage heavy solids-to-liquid mixtures, ensuring efficient and reliable operation in even the most demanding environments.

Why Choose Us?

Versatile Pump Solutions: Our range of sludge and slurry pumps is chosen for its ability to handle a wide variety of challenging applications, providing versatility and reliability.

High Solids Handling Capability: These pumps are specially designed to manage high solids content, making them ideal for situations where solids-to-liquid ratios are too heavy for standard pumps.

Models with Agitators: Select models come equipped with agitators to help keep solids in suspension, ensuring smooth pumping and preventing clogging or damage.

Durability and Performance: Constructed to withstand tough conditions, our sludge and slurry pumps offer both durability and high performance, crucial for continuous and effective operations.

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Next Day Delivery

Nationwide Service & Maintenance Depots

24/7 365 Support

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