A burst pipe is everyone’s nightmare.  It’s every pump specialists nightmare too, for that matter, particularly when the water pressure can’t be turned off!  Burst pipes can cause inordinate damage to your commercial property, your possessions and your emotional and mental well-being.  The resulting damage from a burst pipe can often take months to repair, particularly if it’s gone unnoticed for a while.

But, there has been an innovative product that’s come onto the market that will revolutionise how we deal with leaking and burst pipes.

It’s called Sylwrap.  So impressed are we with this product, we wanted to talk about it at length and tell you why it’s so good!

Firstly, Sylwrap has the ability to permanently fix burst or leaking pipes in under 30 minutes.  A real breakthrough in pipe repair and maintenance!

Secondly, it can be used on all types of pipes, irrespective of their material or diameter.  It is just as effective on copper, PVC, steel, ceramic, clay concrete, lead, rubber and plastic pipes.

It can be used in large scale pipe repairs and is WRAS approved, meaning that it can be used on pipes that carry drinking water.

Because the materials used can stand a water pressure up to 30 bar and is temperature resistant to a whopping 200 degrees, it can be used on pipes that carry both hot and cold water or chemicals.

The product comes with material for actually sealing the leak and a Sylwrap HD Pipe Repair ‘bandage’ for protecting the seal and reinforcing the repair itself.

When the water can be turned off, the leak is repaired with a superfast drying epoxy putty.  The putty is mixed by hand and basically pressed into and around the hole or crack in the pipe.  As it hardens (within about 30 minutes), it seals the pipe leak.

If the water can’t be turned off, then it needs to be wrapped with pipe burst tape and sealed.  If the water pressure is particularly high, it may need a bit more tape, but the principle is the same.  When the pipe is wrapped, it is then ‘bandaged’ which, when immersed in water, activates a resin that mixes with the fibreglass component within it.  When it hardens, it sets as hard as rock!

There are so many benefits of Sylwrap use in the commercial markets.

  1. Sylwrap allows you to carry out emergency repairs in under 30 minutes – this means that you can reduce the amount of time that damage from a leaking or burst pipe can cause.
  2. Sylwrap will actually work on live leaks and burst pipes, meaning that it’s a low-cost alternative to calling out a specialist contractor to do the job for you!
  3. Sylwrap will also increase the pressure resistance, chemical resistance and longevity of your pipes

We think this product is a clear game-changer in the maintenance and repair of leaking or burst pipes.

If you want to know more about Sylwrap and how it can be used as a low-cost alternative to hiring a specialist contractor, then please get in touch with us at Pump Supplies.

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