Rebecca and myself will be taking part in this multi day run across the Namib Desert. Starting near Windhoek the capital of Namibia we will follow dry river beds, scale the world’s tallest sand dunes, covering 203km over 4.5 days, finishing at the wreck of the Eduard Bohlen on Namibia’s famous skeleton coast. Aside from the breath taking scenery we will hope to spot lots of wildlife like ,Oryx, Jackels, springbok and seals! there is also the possibility of seeing a big cat (not certain if that’s good or bad) snakes and scorpions too!!

We have chosen to try to raise a little money for Mind because over the last few months we have become more aware, through personal experience of how mental illnesses can affect people and how important it is that everything is done to help sufferers cope with it and for others to understand mental illnesses of any kind. The advice and support that people can access through Mind is fantastic, helping both sufferers and people needing advice on how to help a family member or friend. Many people, myself (Dan) included are/have been ignorant to just how horrible mental illness is and how just that little bit of understanding can go a long way.

Anything you could donate will be greatly appreciated

Here’s a link to what we are doing:
Race to the Wreck

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