Here at Pump Supplies we give you the opportunity to hire incredible, high-quality pump equipment. But knowing why hiring might be better for you than buying can be difficult; people are often confused about which is best for their particular situation. At Pump Supplies we often find that hiring comes with a multitude of benefits, especially since we aim to provide first class 24/7 support, whether that be breakdown/emergency support or pro-active planning for planned maintenance requirements. Below we outline the benefits of hiring with Pump Supplies to hopefully give you an insight into why this might be the option for you!

Cost and peace of mind

A pump can be a costly item that requires special tools and mechanical equipment and knowledge to maintain. With this in mind the client may only require the pumping equipment for a short period of time as their project may only be for a couple of weeks or months, and the cost to purchase would far outweigh the total hire costs accumulated over this period.

You also get the added bonus and peace of mind in knowing if there is a problem with the pumping equipment hired, you only have to make one call to Pump Supplies and a fully qualified service engineer will attend your site and rectify the problem, or alternatively exchange the faulty equipment within a couple of hours and get you back on track a lot quicker. This reduces the huge costs incurred through the down time that this may cause on site.

This is a service the client may not get should they own the equipment themselves and especially if it is out of its warranty period after purchase.


If the client does purchase the pumping equipment at the end of the project, they will possibly have an asset that will be of no use to them, and they will have to try and find a buyer to get some capital back off the assets. This is not always an easy thing to do as the pump will have been picked especially for a certain application, and also the resale value of this equipment will be very minimal since there are not many people in the market to purchase second hand submersible pumps.


All hire pumps from Pump Supplies are maintained to a very high standard mechanically and electrically during every hire they go out on, and so it’s like getting a new pump when you hire from Pump Supplies! You also get the back up of years of knowledge and expertise from our fully qualified staff that help you select the correct pumping system for your application.

To the unknowing eye it’s not just a 2 3 4 6 8 or 12” submersible pump that you are hiring since they all have their different characteristics, and this is what makes the pump bespoke to the client’s application. This is something we at Pump Supplies pride ourselves on by giving the customer the right pump first time at the right price to save the client time, money, and unwanted down time!

Pump Supplies are a leading supplier of electric submersible pumps into the UK and Irish markets.

 We operate out of 5 strategically located depots across the UK and our business specialises in all aspects of submersible pumps, from hire & service to sales and pump station installation. We are the UK’s leading distributor of Flygt pumps, including spare parts and accessories; all tailored towards offering a complete and bespoke solution to our customers.

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