First of all, happy new year! We hope you had a great time celebrating during the break enjoying your Christmas! But in the here and now, 2023 is upon us! So this begs the question, what is next for the pumping industry?


Well first things first, winter is still here! Over the next few months, we are expecting to see a number of thunderstorms and heavy showers which will undoubtedly affect our waterways and passages, affecting rivers and streams, causing flooding issues in parts of the UK. We will be on hand to assist with anything you may need during these times, providing pump sales and hire for all kinds of consumers and partners.

2022 in itself was a record-breaking year for many weather patterns we saw across the UK, with even more snow, rain and strong winds predicted for parts of the UK this week as the Met Office forecasts an unsettled start to 2023. The Met Office says in its long-range forecast for January 6 to 17:

“A band of rain is expected to push in from the west through Saturday, heavier in the west and clearing eastern coasts through the afternoon, possibly persisting longer in the southeast.

“Blustery showers will follow in the west, perhaps wintry over hills, with a risk of coastal gales. Through into next week, a continuation of this unsettled theme is most likely.

“Wettest and windiest conditions are expected across the west and northwest, where showers will sometimes merge into longer spells of rain, with a chance of snow mainly on high ground.”


But what about the rest of the year?


One particular point that has been raised in recent months is the growth we are expecting to see in 2023, with the market predicted to grow by almost $3.5 billion thanks to a surge in infrastructure development projects.

Growing prominence on wastewater treatment is anticipated to boost the Middle East and Africa pump market growth during the forecast period of 2023-2028. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately half of the region’s population is expected to live in water-stressed countries by 2026. Wastewater management practices are gaining traction in the region following on from the work completed here in the UK, across Europe and all across the Americas.

According to Sustainable Water Alliance, countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran are estimated to deploy numerous new water and wastewater facilities during the projected period. Further, the rise in applications of pumps in industrial, agricultural, commercial, and residential sectors is expected to drive the Middle East and Africa pump market also.

New agriculture innovations are being implemented to improve total catering productivity to meet the increasing demand for farm products, which will in turn speed up the development of the rotary pump market. The demand for pumps is expected to increase in the coming years as refineries are expected to undergo improvements, pushing more market growth whilst also increasing the demand for our range of pumps available for hire or sale.

The increased adaptation to IoT is anticipated to be an advantage for the commercial pump industry, as pumps are supplied with embedded hardware and can use advanced technology to adapt themselves to applications, including our range of Flygt pumps, built for all kinds of pumping solutions. Demand for pumps is expected to increase from end-user industries such as water and wastewater, chemicals and petrochemicals, and the mining industry, among others.

This expansion of infrastructure globally opens up many opportunities. Pumps are the primary components for infrastructure projects, such as during renovation. The infrastructure sector is anticipated to lead repossession over the next 12 months in the Middle East region, with a net balance of +29% of the plaintiffs expecting capacities to upsurge. The infrastructure field includes electricity, bridges, dams, roads, and urban infrastructure growth, and pumps have been used in all demand-driven applications.

So if you are looking for reliable pumps no matter what industry you work within, we have all the solutions available for you. Make sure you check out our online product listing, where you can view all of our products and get in touch with us to find out more information if you require our knowledge and expertise.