Monitoring & Control

Our expertise with submersible pumps doesn't stop at supplying the pump itself, we've got in-house teams of electrical engineers who've developed bespoke pumping monitoring & control solutions to offer precise information and control on the performance of their pump assets.

In-house knowledge and innovation ensures that we are able to meet our customers' needs for all temporary and permanent monitoring and control requirements. Our skills-set includes monitoring of flow, chamber levels, water quality, and individual pump performance data - all supported with the ability to stream live data directly to our client's preferred device, smart phone, or via the web on a computer.

The integration of this intelligent information with our variable speed drives allows for precise pump control giving clients accurate information of flows when situations demand.  

  • Control Panels DOL, ASD, Soft Start and Variable Frequency Drives to 250kW
  • Free standing and outdoor weatherproof
  • Fault protection, door isolators, door mounted emergency stop, indicators and control buttons
  • 24v ac control system
  • Containerised control rooms
  • Mains distribution 100amp to 1600amp
  • Power feed cable and load cables
  • Ultrasonic level and flow controllers


Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) Accreditation

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